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Nicole Mae

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Undisclosed title: A short film debut at Neutral Ground, SK (Forthcoming August 2024)


“Writers Desk”: A poetry interview by Nicole Mae featuring historical writing artifacts for REM (Regina’s Eco Museum) (September 2023)


Snail Mail: A short film showing at The Penny Studio, SK (February 2023)


Clock Out: A short film debut with Bongani Musa at Globe Theatre, SK (March 2021)


Nicole, I Know Who is Going to Kill You: A short film showing at Paper Root, FL (May 2019) 

Animal Crossing Lookbook: A video art showing at Signal Flo Art Exhibit, FL (August 2018) 

Experiment Bodied: A video art debut at Gainesville Gallery, FL (September 2017) 


“The Modern Publishing Landscape” with FriesenPress (2023): A workshop that provided an overview of the modern book publishing landscape with discussions about traditional publishing, DIY, and assisted self-publishing.

“The Great Debate: Self-Publishing Vs. Traditional” with FriesenPress (2023): A workshop that outlined the ways in which self-publishing differs from traditional publishing and how to navigate the literary industry successfully.


“Blackout Poetry Workshop: Anti-Valentine’s Edition” with Regina Public Library (2021): A workshop that coached people on how to create blackout poetry and later elevate it.


“Poetry for Everyone” with Lumsden High School (2020): A blackout poetry workshop with discussions on author life and fulfilling dreams of being a writer. 

“Indigo Writes” with Indigo, Books and Music (2019): A monthly writing workshop with rotating genres and discussions.


The poems Cream Soda Dissociation and Autumn, 2011 were featured in Paloma Magazine's issue Life, Bloody Life (2023)

The article and video essay Sask. filmmaker's short shares personal journey to queer acceptance from childhood to adulthood was documented by Anna-May Zeviar for CBC News  (2022)


The article and video essay Six easy and affordable self-care tips to start the new year on a positive note was documented by Anna-May Zeviar for CBC News (2022)


The YouTube video What Queer People Are Actually Wearing for Pride Month was featured by YouTube's Official Channel in their playlist Come Through: Celebrations of Self (2023) and was priorly featured on CBC News (2021)


Sample poems from @Peachynm_ Instagram were featured in BuzzFeed's article Five Indie Poets You Need to Know About (2020)

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